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Crown Courts

Where your case has been transferred to the crown court we will ensure that your case is fully prepared and handled in professional manner in readiness for all hearings. We have considerable experience in dealing with crown court case preparation. We have successfully defended numerous trials at the Central Criminal Law Courts. We regularly appear in high profile cases in the crown courts.

We have established excellent working relationships with several sets of specialist criminal chambers, which enables us to draw from the very best of the criminal bar. We also have established links with QCs and leading juniors in all aspects of criminal defence. We are therefore able to offer our clients a comprehensive and professional defence. With a growing number of solicitor advocate we are able to offer clients a higher level of service as the will be represented by experienced advocates in the crown court who are fully aware of your case and have dealt with it from the outset.

If your case is being dealt with in the crown court legal aid will be means tested, the only difference being that subject to your means you may be ordered to pay a contribution towards your own legal costs as the case progresses. At the crown court if you are convicted you may be ordered to contribute towards the prosecutions costs.

In the event that you are refused legal aid or simply are not eligible we are able to act for you on a private costs basis. In this situation we will explain to you our hourly rate or fixed fee for your particular matter. If you require private representation please make an appointment to see us – our crime line number is 0208 581 1502